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Tenor Tribute – Debut Album

Tenor Tribute – Debut Album

Physical CD of Tenor Tribute, my debut album, featuring works by Richard R. Bennett, Dave Heath, JacobTV & Adam Caird. This album is my ode to the tenor saxophone, jazz icons such as Stan Getz, Shirley Horn, Chet Baker & John Coltrane and the beautiful cross over repertoire for tenor saxophone.

Released Worldwide by Etcetera Records on 21 November 2022.


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"I must have been about 12 when I first fell in love with the tenor saxophone. Eight more years would pass before I got my hands on my first tenor saxophone in 2010 and excitedly played those first full, warm notes. I think the tenor sax is the most versatile of all saxophones, it’s the one that personally appeals to me the most and with which I feel at my best. That’s why this debut album means so much to me, it’s my ode to the tenor saxophone, my Tenor Tribute.

On this album you will not only hear my love for this instrument, but also my love for crossover repertoire. I’m a great believer in the power of cross-pollination, of people being able to inspire each other to break new ground. That’s exactly what the composers of these works did. They successfully combined their classical compositional techniques with elements from jazz, pop and world music to write beautiful new works that they dedicated to people like Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Chet Baker and Shirley Horn. Tenor Tribute is not just an ode to the tenor saxophone, but also to these jazz icons and to crossover repertoire in general."

- Jeroen Vanbever

Track List:
Concerto for Stan Getz - Richard R. Bennett
Coltrane - Dave Heath
Ballad in Memory of Shirley Horn - Richard R. Bennett
May This Bliss Never End - JacobTV
Out of Line - Adam Caird

Jeroen Vanbever - tenor saxophone
Lucas Heytens - piano
Casco Phil conducted by Benjamin Haemhouts

Released Worldwide by Etcetera Records on 21 November 2022.


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